If you are like most people, you will likely waste a whole load of your life, which you can regain and make use of.


250 hours a year on lunchbreaks, sitting for an hour pointlessly, waiting to get back to the grindstone.

500 hours a year on soaps and mindless repetitive TV. So easy to watch, but by the next day you will have forgotten what you watched, how pointless.

350 hours a year walking the dog. Why not learn something whilst you are doing this, I’m sure your dog will like you saying “fetch” in Norwegian.

1000 hours on weekends. Sounds a lot, but you need to make the best of it, plan what you’re up to and get out there.

400 hours commuting. A perfect time to learn to sing, or culture yourself with some classic audiobooks, or particle physics and string theory

500 Hours on computer games, or worse, mobile phone games. Candy crush is no excuse!


So much time, but what have you actually done with your time in the past year, how much of it has been productive?